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Home : Tapioca & Bubble Tea : Dark Tapioca Pearls

Dark Tapioca Pearls (6.6 pounds)

Dark Tapioca Pearls are the black tapioca pearls essential to bubble tea or boba drinks. Different from white or transluscent pearls, these pearls are the size of small marbles with a chewy consistency of soft gummy candy. The Dark Tapioca Pearls are in a semi-moist condition and come in a sealed airtight package.

The net pearl weight is 6.5 lbs and shipping weight is 6.6 lbs. Due to the fragile nature of this product some tapioca pearls may be crushed during shipping. Note: Due to its heavy nature, this product is only shipped to U.S. addresses but not to P.O. Box, FPO, or APO.

General Cooking Directions: Begin by boiling 8 parts of water for every one part of tapioca pearls to be cooked. When water is boiling, carefully add tapioca pearls into the water and stir evenly until all the tapioca pearls float to the surface. Without covering the pot, simmer tapioca pearls at a low to medium heat (high enough for the tapioca pearls to roll about) for about 40 minutes. Turn off the heat, cover the pot tightly, and let the tapioca pearls sit for another 30 minutes. When tapioca pearls reach the desired softness, remove them from the pot and rinse them with cold water until the tapioca pearls are cool. Place tapioca pearls in a separate container and add sugar to tapioca pearls to desired sweetness. The above general cooking guidelines may be modified to suit one's personal taste and preference.

Storage Directions: The storage life of the uncooked tapioca pearls is around six months. If the bag has not been opened and still has the airtight seal, the tapioca pearls may be stored at room temperature in a cool dark place. If the bag has been opened, please close the bag and store the remainder in the refrigerator. Over time in the refrigerator, it is common for condensation to accumulate on the sides of the bag and "rinse" the nearby pearls of the caramel. These tapioca pearls will still be edible. We do not recommend the overnight storage of cooked tapioca pearls. If any time, the tapioca pearls smell funny or suspect, please do not consume them.

Dark Tapioca Pearls TRDTP66$13.00
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