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Home : Oolong (Wu-long) Tea : Specialty Oolongs : High Mountain Oolong Tea Sampler Set

High Mountain Oolong Tea Sampler Set

This set includes six sampler sizes of our High Mountain Oolong teas:
  • Alishan: A light and floral oolong tea grown in the Alishan region of Taiwan.
  • Yushan: A light and floral oolong tea grown in the Yushan region of Taiwan.
  • Ten Wu Supreme: A superior grade of Oolong tea that has been grown in Wusheh Mountain in central Taiwan at an elevation of approximately 4,000 feet.
  • Ten Lu Supreme:Grown in Lushan, a mountainous area in Taiwan where the mountains are shrouded by fog and covered by clouds throughout the year.
  • Ten Li: This tea grows in the relatively harsh Li Mountain of Taiwan; the extra care taken during processing produces a superb oolong.

    Each sampler is good for three 5 ounces servings. Shipping weight is 0.30 lb.

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